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Indiana Ceramica

Indiana Ceramica stands as a next-generation global ceramic company driven by a heritage steeped in innovation. Here, innovation isn't merely a word but an integral part of our organizational DNA. We've embraced a holistic strategy that encapsulates every facet of our products. Our ethos revolves around a consumer-first approach, melding a relentless pursuit of innovation, progress, and unwavering quality. Our goal is to establish an international standard, consistently surpassing our clients' expectations with unparalleled quality.
Wall Tiles, GVT/PGVT, Slab, Parking, Double Charge, Sanitaryware

Contact Details of Indiana Ceramica

406, Empire Square, 8A National Highway, At- Mahendranagar, Morbi - 363642, Gujarat, INDIA.

+91 6399639966

Country : India | State : Gujarat | City : Morbi

Product Size

Wall tiles
 -300 x 450 mm
 -300 x 600 mm
Floor Tiles
 -600 x 600 mm
 -800 x 800 mm
 -600 x 1200 mm
 -800 x 1600 mm

Product Surface

Glossy | Matt | Craving | Hi-glossy